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Joint Workshop on Sustainable Energy

Am 22. und 23. Mai veranstalten Tokyo Tech und RWTH Aachen einen ersten gemeinsamen Workshop zum Thema “Nachhaltige Energie”.

A joint workshop on future sustainable energy supply will be held by RWTH Aachen University and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) on May 22 and 23, 2019 at the Institute for Combustion Engines (VKA) at the RWTH Aachen. Leading Tokyo Tech researchers in energy technology and RWTH Aachen researchers affiliated with the Profile Area in Energy, Chemical and Process Engineering (ECPE) will share the latest research on hydrogen energy, all-solid-state batteries, energy supply systems, and more. Industry executives and researchers with interests in energy technology and supply are especially welcome to attend both the workshop and laboratory tours of energy-related research facilities at RWTH Aachen University. Registration for the joint workshop, which includes lunch and dinner, is free of charge.

For program details and to register for the two-day event, please refer to ECPE’s website: http://www.ecpe.rwth-aachen.de/cms/ECPE/Forschung/Copy-of-Veranstaltungen/~sieq/Tokyo-Tech-RWTH-Workshop/?lidsx=1&lidx=1

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